Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Mobile Application Development – Making mobiles interactive
Mobiles have become an integral part of each one of us today. It’s hard to imagine a world without mobile now. And now, mobile phones are not only meant for talking; everyday new applications are being developed for the mobile phones which are transforming the very face of it. Mobile application development has become a very shining business with lots of scope for creativity and innovative ideas for the youngsters. Basically Mobile application development can be thought of as a phenomenon using which an application is created for the devices like mobile phones or digital assistant which is most extensively used.

The mobile technology has indeed evolved at a very high pace. Today the users need mobile application that are equipped with great power for processing, have more flexibility, are more reliable, provide more security and which are able to integrate with different applications. In fact without these apps, most of the users will not find any use of the mobiles. They are not just an added attraction but they are a necessity.

Mobile application development generally includes six stages of development:
·         Application planning: The first stage of creating an application is the planning. If one does not has a proper planning at hand then the application may not be produced the way it was desired.
·         Developing and Debugging – This can be considered as the main part of creating an application where all the planning is brought out into action. All kinds of coding, debugging and testing takes place in the stage for all the operating systems on which the app is intended to be released.
·         Market Readiness – This is the stage where the owner gets ready to bring out his/her app in the market.
·         Distribution and then Monetization – This stage is the stage where the owner decides how to earn money from the app. You will decide whether your app will be free or will you charge something for its usage.
·         Retailing of the app – This stage decides how you bring out your product to the eyes of the people between so many other apps that are available in the market. You will have to think how to make your app stand out among other mobile apps.
·         After life of app – Now your app is being used by the people after its development stage. But this is not the end for you. You will have to keep making a few tweaks in your app as and when required. Also, you will have to provide user support to customers if they face any problem with your app or else all your efforts will go in vain and people will start disliking your app.

Mobile applications are definitely a great part of every mobile phone today without which no mobile is complete today. The companies also stuff up some of the apps beforehand only before distributing the phones and other apps can be downloaded from the net among the ocean of the app according to your needs.

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