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Content Management System (CMS) Advantages
It is only when we create our own website and prepare its launch that we begin to notice the shortcomings popping up one after the other. Like wishing away those pop-up ads on the net we cannot rid these nuances, much less ignore them. A thorough remake that could set the webmaster on a spiral to wizardry may sometimes be required to get our site rolling on a racetrack.

Thankfully, Content Management System (CMS) is here to help us tide over these early hic-ups and even provide an ongoing chassis loaded with visual blinders and verbal hyper quotes that can send the iconic James Bond into delirium. We surrender, however, to the fact that our graphical assault is limited to the contents of our weapon’s magazine but Content Management System (CMS) ensures the firepower is sustainable.

Different CMS available today are-
VAE- is an all-in-one CMS, e-commerce and e-mail marketing platform. Vae allows us to build pages as HTML or CSS files without the typical use of templates, modules or blocks.

Light CMS- is targeted at web designers with 80 templates

Business Catalyst- is hosted CMS by Adobe targeted at business owners. An all-in-one system that includes blogging, e-commerce, CRM, e-mail marketing and analytics.

Squarespace- focuses on in-context design and editing

Webvanta- prompts us to select from a list of templates.  

There is no hard and fast rule as to the choice of a CMS should include all the latest available features. The least optimum combination that will cover all our required options at the most economic cost would be a justifiable pick.

What is CMS?

It is an electronic system that enables publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as site from a central page. It provides a collection of manual and computer-based procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.

CMS extends the shelf-life of a website that is somewhere between two to three years. Changes to site templates can improve the site over time and  avoid a complete overhaul that can be a drain on resources.

CMS sites can have a new design applied to its templates avoiding a reformat entirely. CMS enables addition of new sections, implementation of extranets and presents virtually no loss of opportunities.  

Advantages of CMS over normal websites-

A normal website is created as a brochure, to sell products online, or to solicit further business through resultant exposure. It is designed, created and hosted by a website designer and programmed using HTML or XHMTL language. Once online any changes will require the web designer or a techie who knows to edit, create or delete a web page.

Advantages- Low cost; Simple to create and host; Quick download on lower bandwidths

Disadvantages- Can be expensive if frequently updated; Lengthy change procedures involving web designer; Rigid functions that can let competitors gain an edge.

A CMS website enables contents to be edited, updated and deleted through MySQL database using server-scripted languages PHP, ASP or

Advantages-  Alter contents at will without web designer or HTML code and instantly Cheaper

Disadvantages- Initial cost is higher; slower at lower bandwidths; Complex contents require trained handling

The benefits thus accrued have left the end users choice less.

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